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Swiss Cognitive: The Global Artificial Intelligence Hub

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

According to the World Economic Forum, "There is a growing disconnect between education systems and labor markets. Many of today’s children will work in new job types that do not yet exist.” One primary reason for this is the fact that the world is changing very rapidly during the fourth industrial revolution with exponential advancements in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other technologies.

I believe that as educational leaders, it is crucial that we understand how the world is changing and how we can equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills not only to be ready for this change but also to be part of the change process to ensure that it is a better world for everyone. Therefore, we must educate ourselves on these issues.

Accordingly, today, I would like to introduce a leading global hub called Swiss Cognitive to you. Swiss Cognitive is a global network that shares, connect, and unlocks the potentials of artificial intelligence.

Their website is

Their twitter account is

By following this global hub, anyone can learn more about new developments and innovations in this rapidly changing world.

I would especially encourage educational leaders to look at their upcoming Virtual AI Conference on Monday, June 22, 2020. The title of this AI conference is "AI has a Key Role in Driving the New Normal." It is a free event to register.

SwissCognitive explains this virtual AI conference as follows:

AI Has a Key Role in Driving the New Normal

Humankind experienced three industrial revolutions along history – all of which raised global income levels and improved the quality of life for the society around the globe. In business, on the supplier side, industries adapted new ways of production and service, and also became more innovative and agile based on the technologies which supported that. On the demand side, customers’ needs were mutually corresponsive, with increasing needs in quantity.   

The fourth industrial revolution is driven by an exponential growth in computing power and by the availability of substantial amounts of data. In today’s challenging economy, while meeting the demand both for quality and quantity, automatization supports efficiency, profitability, and sustainable growth. Although automation, accelerated by AI, has the power to put organizations into a competitive position, most companies and industries are still at the beginning of their journey. Those organizations that exploit AI to reinvent processes, this powerful technology will very soon become the new norm.

Expected event takeaways:

Through interviews, keynotes, practical use cases, and in-depth discussion, we will look at the development and challenges of AI adoption from various industry perspectives. We will get an insight into how some organizations have already implemented AI into their processes, and how that contributes to their success and business continuity during these challenging times. We will get hands-on advice on how to implement and develop processes, products, and services supported by AI, and how to pave our roads to the future where AI is a norm both for business and society.

For more information about this conference and to register, please visit

I enjoy following the news at Swiss Cognitive, and I hope that my readers find it helpful as well.

Let's finish this post with a beautiful ancient Sanskrit poem called Look to This Day:

Look to this day

for it is life

the very life of life.

In its brief course lie all

the realities and truths of existence:

the joy of growth

the splendor of action

the glory of power.

For yesterday is but a memory

And tomorrow is only a vision.

But today well lived

makes every yesterday a memory of happiness

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.

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