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Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP) Self-Assessment Tool

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Today, I would like to introduce a great diversity self-assessment tool called Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP) to educational leaders.

I used this tool for my own diversity self-assessment and I found it helpful for my own self-reflection and improvement efforts. I definitely recommend it to other educational leaders.

Based on your score, the diversity profile matches you with one of the levels in Diversity Awareness Spectrum and offer guidance. These levels are as follows:

Naive: Acts with no knowledge or awareness of biases and prejudices and their negative impact.

Perpetuator: Aware of biases and prejudices but continues negative behaviors and reinforces stereotypes.

Avoider: Tolerates unjust behavior in others and plays it safe.

Change Agent: Acts as a role model, takes action when appropriate, and addresses others' behaviors when necessary.

Fighter: Always on the lookout for prejudice and sees it everywhere.

The results helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses. For example, one of my strengths was not staying silent when I see mistreatment, and one of my weaknesses was about recognizing the successes of others in ways that are appropriate for their styles or cultures. Not sure if I thought about this before.

Please see detailed information about DAP and its author Karen Stinson as shared on their program flyer here:

DESCRIPTION First published in 1991, the Diversity Awareness Profile, commonly known as DAP, is a self-assessment tool that has helped millions of individuals in organizations improve working relationships among diverse co-workers and customers by increasing the awareness of their behavior toward people and how it affects them and how an individual s behavior affects others. The DAP is based on data gathered in a series of focus groups, interviews, and thousands of diversity training sessions over the past twenty years. The DAPhighlights the fact that most people don't mean to discriminate, judge, or isolate others. The purpose of this 40-item instrument is to give people an opportunity to take a snapshot of their behaviors as they are interacting with others.

The DAP Facilitator Guide, Second Edition, has been written to help facilitators successfully administer the DAP as a part of a diversity education curriculum. This fully-revised second edition walks facilitators through the preparation, administration, and debrief of the DAP. In addition, the guide offers key discussion questions and instructions on how to best help participants create individualized action plans. This package includes the Facilitator's Guide and one DAP assessment.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Karen Stinson is the founder and CEO of the nationally-respected Minneapolis-based ProGroup Inc., one of the country's first diversity consulting and training firms, she has been a pioneer in the diversity field for more than two decades. Stinson is renowned for her innovative diversity concepts and tools that have served as the cornerstone of diversity programs worldwide.

She founded ProGroup in 1986 and has grown it into a multimillion-dollar firm employing over 80 people. Stinson leads the development and implementation of a wide variety of unique customized diversity solutions. ProGroup has helped thousands of organizations in virtually every industry, including Fortune 500 companies, such as Deloitte, General Mills, American Family Insurance, HSBC Bank, Saks Fifth Avenue, Boeing, Disney, Denny's, Abbott, and many others.

Stinson is a frequent speaker at diversity, leadership and trade conferences, including The Conference Board, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Linkage's Diversity Best Practices Summit, and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the latter which also awarded her the top Trainer of Trainers Award in the late 90s. She has frequently been interviewed by a wide variety of broadcast and print media, including CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg, New York Times, BusinessWeek, and The Wall Street Journal.

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